Hotel Review: Hotel Jen Orchard Gateway, Singapore

нαρρу мαя¢н 2017

2nd trimester of school has ended & now the 3rd one has arrived. In between the 3 weeks of holidays, I’ve spent my time catching up with my beloved friends, packing my previous trimester’s work & preparing for the upcoming trimester (Ok, I sorta lied. I actually spent most of my time reading books & playing computer games lol – life of an introvert).

So anyway, Mom thought it was a pity that I didn’t get to enjoy my holidays properly. So, I’d suggested going on a much needed staycation. And…this staycation emerged, just like that. In my previous post, I’d posted about Hotel Jen Tanglin. Today, I’ll be sharing about the staycation that I’ve had at Hotel Jen Orchard Gateway.

Personally, I prefer Hotel Jen Orchard Gateway. This is due to several reasons.

Firstly, the services they’d offered were more professional & more personalised. Secondly, the cleanliness of the room was simply 5/5! Thirdly, there is a freaking walk-in closet in my room (Panorama Club Room). Fourthly, the club lounge was quiet, cosy & the seats are super comfortable. There is also free flow of coffee, cookies & other snacks at certain timing of the day. Fifthly, we’d indulged in the in-room dining & were surprised that the food was so delicious – very much like a 5-star hotel’s, though it’s still rather expensive. Last but not least, there were many lights around the room, closet, desk & bathroom. This is definitely one of the criteria for me when choosing the perfect hotel room (Spooked by my stay in Sydney previously) !

Oh not to mention, the bathroom. Oh my! It was so gigantic, but not the usual creepy kind that toilets were in hotel rooms. The toilet cubicle was separated from the bathtub & the shower. The space at the sink was also pretty wide & there were ample lights around the mirrors. Moreover, there were speakers in the toilet too. While my Mom was in the room watching TV, I got to listen to the audio (of the Korean drama series) in the toilet as well.

All in all, I’ve had a wonderful experience at Hotel Jen Orchard Gateway.

Anyway, I’ve also included captions on the pictures. Feel free to mouse over or click into the gallery to have a look. Pictures speaks a thousand more words than words itself can ever express.

♛ єиנσу! ♛

2017: New beginnings

Hooray to the new year & new beginnings!

I am so stoked to be able to have a staycation with my loved ones celebrating the birth of a new year!

2016 has been a relatively successful, strong, beautiful year for me. I’ve celebrated my 21st birthday with my long lost friends, became an undergrad, celebrated special occasions with my loved ones, and became more responsible about my life in general.

In the coming year, I wish that there will be more travel opportunities and adventures ahead of me. Also, I hope to be able to balance my studies and relationships as well.

Despite it being just the start of the new year, I could feel that 2017 is going to be a blast – full of wondrous and miraculous opportunities.

I thereby with everyone a very blessed, beautiful, fulfilling and wondrous new year!

Until next time,

Have fun, stay awesome & laugh always!

You Definitely Want to Add These to Your Morning Routines


How do you spend your mornings?

Do you often snooze the alarm till you’re constantly late for school / work?

Or do you give yourself allowance before you head to do your daily grind?

Morning routines are so crucial to set the tone of the day, especially if you want time to be your best friend.

Oftentimes, many people wake up in a rushed manner, shower and go straight to work.

If you’d realised, you’d be burnt out very quickly and the afternoon slump will inevitably take over your whole mind and body. Thus, this causes you to feel cranky, moody and hostile eventually. Your energy will be drained, and by the end of the day, you won’t be in the mood to communicate with your friends and family. Overtime, your relationships and health deteriorate and you wonder why…

Moral of the story: Being mindful of our actions are so important ! 

That’s why I came up with 10 tips on how to start the day & maintain your energy levels consciously, effectively and effortlessly.


Motivation takes time.

If you do believe in taking care of your health and wellbeing, and you are willing to steer the wheel of your life into the positive light, then you are just a step away from achieving success in your personal life!

Indeed, the foundation of all the other successes comes with discipline and perseverance.

So, are you willing to invest in your own mornings?

Let me know how it goes for you! I am beyond excited to be on this journey with you !

Until next time,

Have fun, stay awesome & laugh always!

Neck Aches? Practice This Particular Exercise to Get Rid of Pesky Aches!

WordPress - Neck Pain

Neck and shoulder aches are pain in the butt.  Literally.

I’ve always had aches from my neck to my upper back.  The feeling was so overwhelming – almost as if I’m carrying the world atop of me.  The worst thing?  Nobody around me understands this because they didn’t experience this.  This became even worse during my exam period!

Trust me, I’ve done yoga, went for massages and rubbed ointment onto my aches.  But ultimately, the stubborn aches never disappeared.  It was so annoying!

Until one day I was nudged to look into the mirror and consciously noticed that my posture was off.  A revelation struck me.

WordPress - Good Posture

I’d remembered the stories that princesses had to go for posture classes.  They had to constantly stand tall and upright for status purposes.  This thus made me realise that I needed to do that in order to stop the pain as well!  Recall the picture of girls walking around with books on top of their heads?  That’s how you overcome ’em friggin’ neckaches y’all! 

Since I’ve always had neckaches every couple of days, I decided to give this a try – standing tall, aligning my neck with my hips and my feet.  (This was what yoga taught me – check out YogawithAdriene guys!) 

It has been 5 days since I’d did that and fixed my posture.  My pain has lessened by 70%!

Being mindful about our posture is SO important!

I literally fixed myself.  Easy peasy!

So this is for all you folks out there who has neck aches but have not figured out the root problem yet.  I truly hope that this post encourages you to constantly stand proud and tall wherever you go (even when you don’t have neck aches like me)!

Only when you’re in alignment, it is when everything falls into place. #thisworks  #posturematters

Until next time,

Have fun, stay awesome & laugh always!

Photo: Binder Family Chiropractic; GETTY

Skincare: Angel Face Botanicals

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I have been using Angel Face Botanicals products for a while now.  This dynamic duo was the only set that I’ve purchased from AFB a month ago.

Angel Face Botanicals is from the USA, and the ingredients used are strictly organic, natural and hand-picked by the owner, Jessica Ress!  I’ve known about this brand when I stumbled upon her profile on Instagram.  It was truly a sign!  Since we’re fated, I’ve decided to give this brand a try.

Because the shipping fee was pretty expensive, I’d opted for the travel size dynamic facial duo set.

I’m very much a facial oil cleanser kinda girl.  Moreover, with a detox mask?  It’s truly something worth investing in for the health of our skin, especially our face.  First impressions always derive from how good or presentable we often look.  And most of the time, people tend to look at our face the first thing they spot us.

But nevertheless, if you locals do not mind the shipping fees, please do not hesitate to try Angel Face Botanicals.  My face has been gradually improving since the use of the Luscious Oil Cleanser.   Upon removing makeup, it does not dry out the skin – unlike facial wipes. Moreover for those with sensitive / combination skin (like me), you do not have to worry about breakouts or rashes.  Of course, you will have to prepare moisturizer (e.g. facial oil, serum, cream, etc.) after the detox mask, otherwise your face will feel exposed and starts to become flaky.  Ugh, that is definitely not a good feeling!

Tip: Always put on moisturizer! 

Also since they’re travel-sized, I can simply carry it with me anywhere I go – especially during travels!  If I were to choose amongst the skincare products that I have, I’d definitely choose to bring this dynamic duo with me!

Self-love is so important nowadays, especially for those who often neglect themselves due to obligations, parenthood, guilt, etc.  It is absolutely fine to be selfish for yourself.  For when you are selfish, you can then become selfless.  Remember, the love that you give yourself can never be felt from anyone or anything else in life.  It is that sacred.

Cherish your skin, love yourself!

Until next time,

Have fun, stay awesome & laugh always!

P.S. Huge shoutout to Jessica for these awesome, eco-friendly & empowering products!  My skin never felt happier! Thank you ♡

Skincare Brands that are Au Naturel and Makes You Glow!

Truthfully, the Korea trip last year largely contributed to my basic skincare routine today.  After attending a skincare workshop by Odbo, I’ve gradually learnt that Koreans are very conscious about their looks, and they are especially mindful about what they put on their face.

It is very common for ladies to go for regular facial appointments, right?  However, Korea was slightly more unique when it comes to basic skincare.  Guys actually invest in regular facial treatments and sessions too!  They strongly believe in exfoliation, detoxing, and face peels.  Henceforth, you may also come to realise that there are many saunas located in just one city too!  Apparently, detox is a huge deal for the Koreans (especially during winter)!

Now you know the secret to the everlasting perfection of the actors and actresses in K-dramas! 〲

So here are my top 3 organic skincare brands that I believe will bring out the best in you!

Handmade Heroes is a local brand that I’ve recently discovered while googling for affordable organic skincare in Singapore.  They have appeared in the FEMALE magazine (2015), and has been featured in many local press.  It seems trustworthy enough!  So off I went and purchased this best sellers set @ S$37.90.

Personally, I love the dry shampoo the most.  It has the minty and tingling feel on the scalp when I sprinkled it on the roots.  Also, it doesn’t have any buildups for me!

My next favourite was the French Rose lip tint.  My Mom was so fascinated by my lip tint that she had me ordering one for her as well!  Not to forget, my boyfriend loves the taste of the french rose too (I put it on him, much to his dismay)!  Of course due to the packaging of the lip tint, the roller tend to detach from the lip tint tube.  Now, I had to carefully cover it so the cover wouldn’t be messy with red tint!  So, here’s something that you may want to take note of before buying the lip tint.  If given another chance, I’d still buy it despite the small issue.  It’s vegan, cruelty-free, au-natural & affordable!  What more can I ask for, seriously?  

The lip scrub is tasty, sweet and oh-so-tempting upon scrubbing!  My boyfie and I just couldn’t resist and tasted it while we were lip-scrubbing!  Honestly, this scrub works like magic, and turned our chapped lips into smooth, soft & kissable lips!  You may want to try it out for yourself! 😉

Last but not the least, the rice scrub is incorporated in my regular self-care routine.  After a dry brush session, I’ll always slather a scoop of the scrub onto my body for a nice scrub-down.  Remember to always slather a scoop!  I’d realised that whenever I slather slightly more than a scoop, I tend to smell more like rice + cocoa butter, rather than roses.  Who doesn’t want to smell like roses, right?  So remember, one scoop.  Period.

KORA Organics is an Australian-made organic skincare brand that is created by a very famous supermodel, Miranda Kerr.  I’m an absolute fan of hers and her philosophy for life.  She’s just so full of life, beauty & gracefulness.  When I discovered her products, it was under my must-have list! Thankfully for me, my best friend was heading to Melbourne for a vacation break, and she was so sweet to have helped me purchased back these beauties! (Thanks babe :’))

My top 2 favourites for KORA are the Clay Purifying Mask and the energising Citrus Mist. Not to forget, the Luxurious Rosehip Oil is my ultimate fave.  Because it’s only 15ml, I use it only during emergency when my face feels extremely dry and flaky after a full day of makeup.

Lastly, Annmarie Gianni was introduced to me through my inbox in a newsletter from Kris Carr.  Because of my love for eco-friendly, organic and au-natural skincare products, I’ve decided to try out Annmarie products.  I’m truly grateful that Annmarie provides samples with free shipping worldwide.

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Normal & Combination Set Sample @ USD10

Thereafter, I started my Annmarie journey and gradually tried out the Sun Protection (Sun Love) as well.  Up till now, I’m still using these products and loving them more day after day!

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Sun Love Sample @ USD20

Annmarie has also recently been certified with MADE SAFE™.  This just gave me even more confidence to use the products without worrying about anything negative or toxic on my skin!  Can you imagine all the toxic that gets through your skin and into the bloodstream…OMG!! 

I saved the best news for the last! ϡ

We do not need to pay the VERY expensive shipping fee to ship the products from USA to Singapore!  THANKFULLY, Annmarie products are also sold under!  However, promotions wouldn’t be made available to us whenever Annmarie main store has it. Even if that’s the case, it doesn’t really matter because the estimated price of the products (between USA & SG) are relative to one another!  So it’s definitely a win-win for us! Ü

So, are you ready to invest wisely in your skin — which is the biggest organ of the body?

Whenever you’re ready, just pluck up the courage and give these beauties a try!  Your skin will surely thank you for it! :’)

Until next time,

Have fun, stay awesome & laugh always!

Hook Coffee: My Love Story

So I’ve been on this journey…to being healthy and happy…and I thought, “Why not support the local entrepreneurs who are providing these healthy services too?!”  And of course, I went about doing my research, googling on healthy alternatives, especially skincare and food.

Yeah baby, I’m all about organic, vegan and cruelty-free products nowadays! #healthy 

The images that you see above are from Hook Coffee.

My inner self was jumping for joy when I received the package from them!  Believe it or not, I could smell the coffee grind from the outside of the mail package!  I bet that our local mail officers got an awesome whiff of the aroma too!  Boo-yah! 

Hook Coffee was basically spreading joy and fragrance everywhere it goes!

Earlier this morning, I tore open the package and took a huuuuuuge whiff of the coffee.  If heaven smells like that, I’m never coming back!  I’m totally not kidding – the coffee smells fabulous!  The Universe obviously heard my prayers for more coffee and brought me to Hook Coffee and the amazing Kopi Sutra (Black Forest Cake).

Coffee + Black Forest Cake = BEST combination everrrrr 

What more can life simply give me?

Besides, they have a freaking awesome taster pack for drip bags @ only $7!  You get to try different types of flavoured coffee from Hook Coffee!  This deal is just so good! 

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 3.28.36 pm

This taster pack pops up as you enter Hook Coffee, so just wait for it!  I truly think that it’s both a beautiful and affordable deal.  If you’re a coffee maniac like moi, I’d say…“Go for it, Partner!”  

Not to mention, they have Shot-Pods for all you fellas who own a Nespresso machine!  How much cooler can this be?!

I am already a fortnight subscriber to Hook Coffee.  And I am truly proud to say that the coffee is truly one of a kind.  What else can I say?  It just simply brings out the best in me 😉

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Until next time,

Have fun, stay awesome & laugh always!

South Korea – An Unexpected Experience

IMG_1629  UYKV7744




IMG_1416  IMG_1419




We travelled with the Chan Brothers tour group. Honestly, it was a privilege to have the manager of the Korea Chan Brothers’ Manager to lead our group. His name was Calvin and he’s super duper annoying but entertaining at the same time. He doesn’t allow us to sleep in the coach unless he’d finished his explanation and stories (lol).

Overall, there was a total of 6 people coordinating behind the scenes during this trip — 1 manager, 1 photographer, 1 Singapore’s tour guide, 3 interns. So you can imagine the efficiency, productiveness and effectiveness throughout our trip.

Personally, I’ve learnt more about Korea from this trip through the stories, sightseeing and the culture — much more than what they’ve portrayed in the dramas!



LEAD5437  IMG_1530

The Sauna & Hot Springs were the most incredible experience that I’ve been to. Honestly, this was my first hot spring experience. Guys & girls were separated except for the main pool. You may have guessed it by now. Why did they separate guys & girls? Yeah, I was bewildered at first. In actual fact, it’s called a (nude) hot spring. Everyone soaking in the huge tubs were naked — old, young, pregnant, etc. Due to the seasonal changes in Korea, especially winter, they had to go to these kind of places to detoxify and rid themselves of the toxins in their body. Hence why there are many places for saunas and hot springs available in South Korea.


The Cafés in Korea were another thing that had attracted me during my trip there. The cafés are slightly different from Singapore.. Yes the sitting was different, but I found others more intriguing. It’s interesting that almost every Korean cafe that I went to indicated ‘Dutch Coffee’. Also, they seem to love drip coffee. This wasn’t the first time that I’ve seen drip coffee there in a café!



IMG_1626  IMG_1627

The above pictures were taken in Jeju island. This was another captivating site to me! Oh, how I miss this place! This island was a combination of more nature than city. And, I love the hotel room that we were staying in! The floors were made of wood!! Furthermore, their gym was an open concept. I can’t help but to take a picture of the treadmills! Aren’t they cute?! ϡ

IMG_1639  WXYO8605

IMG_1736  IMG_1624

Talking about food…

It wasn’t as bad as I’d thought. Many people have been complaining about their trip from Korea, and whining that the food was really awful.

Hmm, I wouldn’t say that it’s bad but it depends on preference. Some who love spicy food would find the food more tasteful. For others who cannot take chilli, there are alternatives like seaweed, rice and at times, ginseng soup. But if you really want to go and enjoy yourself, please do take note that even the fast food there mostly serve spicy food.

I have to admit that I’ve had a bad experience once during lunch. They’d brought us to a restaurant which served ‘food that was ate by the poor in the past’. Thank goodness I ate some fried squid before heading for that lunch! I’d puked my guts out because it was too spicy and everything else wasn’t to my taste. Ugh, it was awful…just for that part. ☹


Beautiful, isn’t it? These rocks were formed after the volcanic eruption.


And of course, we went to the Teddy Bear Museum! Ü



On our last day, we went to visit the apple farm & tried their juicy, sweet apples! In the evening, we got to experience the Orchard Road in Seoul. The Cathedral was located in town. It was really interesting because the smell of Sandalwood captured our senses. Gradually, we were led into the Cathedral! The interior was beautiful! But I didn’t dare to take pictures inside as people were constantly staring at us.


All in all, I’ve enjoyed my trip to Korea. I’ve also learnt a lot about skincare regime during my vacay there as well. It was awesome to know that skincare was one of the most important aspect in the Korean culture. I value skincare a lot, so it has been wonderful to learn from a local consultant.

Ahhhhh I love travelling! This has truly been an unexpected surprise! South Korea…I will be back, someday! Ü

Well, I truly hope that you’ve enjoyed looking through the pictures that I’ve taken during my trip to the beautiful islands of South Korea — Seoul, Busan, Daegu & Jeju! Ü

Until next time,

Have fun, stay awesome & laugh always!

Fun fact: Do you know that sleeping at 10pm every night will enable the organs to detoxify and regenerate themselves? The most important timing to allow the body to be in the delta state is between 11pm – 2am where your liver rids your body of toxins! By maintaining this routine for over a month, you may realise that your dark circles & eye puffiness will magically disappear over time! Isn’t it miraculous? Love yourself more, guys… This is all about self-care… ϡ